Join us for a choice of steak served with fries, garlic and thyme field mushroom
and roasted tomatoes with a glass of wine or soft drink.

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10oz Flat Iron Steak £20

This cut comes from the body’s second-most tender muscle and delivers intense beef flavour. A tender cut that is incredibly well-marbled.
Recommended cooked medium rare.

8oz Ribeye Steak £23

Known for it’s rich, buttery flavour and tender texture.
Recommended cooked medium rare- medium to allow a little extra cooking time.

6oz Fillet Steak £26

Fillet is often deemed the most prized and luxurious steak of all-it is certainly the most lean and tender. Fillets are best enjoyed rare to medium rare.

16oz T-Bone Steak £29
(Must be pre-ordered with 48 hours notice)

A well-marbled cross-cut of two lean steaks- sirloin and fillet, cooked on the bone. Being cooked on the bone, we recommend at least medium.


Garlic king prawns gf £8.00
Peppercorn/Béarnaise sauce gf £2.50
Garlic and herb butter gf £1.50
Onion rings £4.50

Menu subject to change