Join us for our 6 Course Taster Evening on Friday 10th September
For more information, see our event page here

First Course

Roasted butternut squash soup, toasted sunflower seeds, sage oil (vg, gf)

Second Course

Sweet potato and chickpea falafels, roasted red pepper and onion salsa, rocket leaves, cumin baked bread crisps (vg, gf)

Third Course

Lemon sorbet, crushed frozen raspberries, baby basil

Fourth Course

Kentucky style oyster mushroom with tomato and onion relish
(vg, gf)

Fifth Course

Thai green vegetable curry, fragrant sticky coconut rice with mild red chilli and lime, fresh tomato, red onion and coriander sambal (vg, gf)

Sixth Course

Pineapple carpaccio, vegan coconut and vanilla ice cream, raspberry and kiwi salsa, raspberry coconut tuille (vg, gf)